First of all, we have heard a million times that people want to become doctors, nurses or paramedics. You should know that neither of these jobs is easy. For now, we will talk about the workers in the paramedic service. Their job is pretty stressful. First of all, you need to stop whatever you are doing on your station and in a state of alert get your gear ready and go out to help someone. Keep in mind that the scenes where paramedic needs to come are very unpleasant. By unpleasant we mean scenes with blood and pieces of a human body lying around. Still, want to be a paramedic? Then you could have a situation where there was an accident. People are trapped in a car. You need to get them out, but you can’t move them because you don’t know if some object is inside their body that could kill them.

The scene

Paramedics-ServiceSo you are on the scene, you need to pull someone out of the vehicle. Fire department gets them out and then what? Now you need to check for vitals and see is there anything you can do to help those people. You can’t move them or at least put them in a position where they could choke or break something. You need to check if there are items that are stabbed in them. If you remove them from the body, you could start the bleeding. As you can see a lot of stressful situations. Once you secure the patient, you will need to be careful how you pick them up and put them inside the paramedic vehicle. After that, you will need to stabilize them in the van until you reach the hospital. This can sometimes be a task that is impossible.

The road ahead

The-Road-AheadOn your way to the hospital, you will do your best to secure those people and to make sure you keep them alive until you reach the E.R. After that you can calm down because the doctors will handle the patients if they can. Sometimes there is nothing you can do. People can come with a lot of injuries, and the best thing you can is to stabilize them and hope that they will be better. The life of a paramedic is full of excitement but also full of tough situations that only the bravest can coup with.